-All potential clients receive a free 45 minute consult with the Chef to discuss your culinary interest, pricing, and entire process.
-Potential clients reserves a flexible date and time slot with a 15% interest security payment. At this time a meeting is scheduled to determine what you would like to accomplish in your lesson. (Date/time are not set in stone. 48 hour reschedule is required however)
- 1 week prior to lesson 50% of total charges are due. Remaining monies are due at start of actual lesson.


-Shopping can be done in 1 of 2 ways:
Option #1) for $65 the chef will shop for you. With this option all your *ingredients will be provided on the day of the lesson. Option #2) you can shop for yourself. The chef will draft your shopping list and you can purchase the items to have ready at the start of your lesson.
*specialty ingredients not included in pricing. I.e.. Lobster, truffles etc…


- Each client will receive a personalized gift basket from the chef. It will include various items for you to keep. In your gift basket you will receive a specialized wine pairing to match the dish included in your lesson. It will also include various kitchen items to match the theme of your lesson.
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